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“ The BLAQUE Executive Suites to create a supportive environment for entrepreneurs to streamline their operations and enhance their focus by fostering connection and collaboration while also offering a place of refuge for growth and learning. ”

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Welcome to The BLAQUE Executive Suites, a thriving ecosystem that encourages collaboration, knowledge exchange, and collective growth among entrepreneurs.

Here, we empower visionaries to elevate their ventures to new heights and recognize the essential role that personal dedication plays in achieving success. BLAQUE is the place where an entrepreneur's success is not solely an individual pursuit. It's a shared achievement among a community of like-minded, ambitious individuals who are collectively breaking limits and actively shaping a unified evolution towards entrepreneurial excellence.

Our establishment exists to carry out a simple mission: to uplift and steer entrepreneurs towards success. By laying a strong foundation for those who the conventional system has overlooked, we can assist entrepreneurs in reaching their next level of excellence.

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Our Core Values


At Blaque Executive Suites, we believe that aspiring business owners should be given the tools they need to succeed no matter where they are in their path.

We make it our mission to make available to individuals the resources, guidance, and tools that are essential for them to realize their greatest potential.

Our community will be equipped to face adversity and reach unparalleled levels of achievement if we create an atmosphere that fosters autonomy, creativity, and personal development.


At the Blaque Executive Suites, we cultivate a culture that is constantly open to new ideas. We believe that the success of entrepreneurs is driven by pushing the limits of possibilities, and welcoming change,

Utilizing forward-thinking strategies and innovative approaches to meet problems with solutions.

We are committed to being at the forefront of entrepreneurial support by providing cutting-edge services and settings that are flexible enough to meet the ever-changing requirements of the business owners we assist.


At Blaque Executive Suite, we understand that in the dynamic landscape of entrepreneurship, adaptability and customizable solutions are essential.

Our commitment to flexibility is reflected in our offerings, ensuring that entrepreneurs can tailor their experiences to best meet their unique needs and aspirations.

Whether it's adaptable workspace arrangements, customizable service packages, or flexible support structures, Entrepreneurs have the freedom to shape their journeys with ease and efficiency.


At Blaque Executive Suites, we strive to create an atmosphere that is encouraging and supportive.

Entrepreneurs who are a part of our community is encouraged to follow their aspirations without reservation, to rejoice in their accomplishments, and to face obstacles with resiliency.

By fostering an environment of encouragement, we instill a sense of self-assurance, promote both personal and professional development, and make it possible for every entrepreneur to feel as they deserve to be an entrepreneur .

The BLAQUE Difference

Building Legacies Amongst Qualified, Underserved Entrepreneurs

Embarking on the journey of entrepreneurship is a courageous pursuit laden with risks, challenges, and uncertainties. For countless ambitious entrepreneurs, the challenge of acquiring a physical establishment can prove to be a daunting hurdle, considering the strenuous commitments of lengthy lease contracts and the tremendous expenses commonly linked with conventional brick-and-mortar locations. When considering the swift increase in overhead and operating costs, even the most financially stable entrepreneurs may find themselves grappling with hesitation and doubt, as these challenges cast shadows upon the manifestation of their ambitious goals.

Recognizing these challenges firsthand, the founders of BLAQUE Executive Suites bring to the table a wealth of experience gained through the creation and management of multiple business ventures. Throughout their entrepreneurial journey, they've encountered a plethora of individuals brimming with extraordinary concepts, steadfast work ethic, and a wholehearted dedication to turning their visions into reality. However, the stark reality remains — despite their relentless efforts, these entrepreneurs often find themselves grappling with the failure of their endeavors, primarily stemming from a lack of guidance and access to essential resources.

Driven by a sincere desire to bridge this gap and empower aspiring entrepreneurs, the founders embarked on a noble pursuit of a viable solution. Drawing on their own wealth of expertise and undertaking a strategic restructuring of their existing ventures, they envisioned a unique opportunity to pave the way for success for small business owners, particularly those in underserved communities. The result of this vision and dedication is the BLAQUE Executive Suites, established as a proactive and transformative initiative designed to comprehensively address the needs of entrepreneurs in the Gwinnett County Area.

At the heart of the BLAQUE Executive Suites is a commitment to providing more than just physical space. It is a holistic approach aimed at nurturing and propelling the trajectory of entrepreneurs, offering not only flexible and affordable workspace solutions but also an array of support services. This includes mentorship programs, tailored training and workshops, networking opportunities, and access to essential resources that are instrumental in steering businesses toward sustainable growth.

As the BLAQUE Executive Suites takes root, it stands as a testament to the belief that success should not be hindered by the barriers of traditional business setups. Instead, it should be a welcoming experience where emerging entrepreneurs can thrive, learn, and collaborate within an atmosphere designed specifically for them. The hub embodies the spirit of empowerment, providing a beacon of encouragement to individuals who dare pursue their dreams, work constantly, and strive to create a lasting impact on their communities through the pursuit of entrepreneurial excellence.

Empowering The Underserved

Flexible Workspace Solutions

Private offices, co working spaces, assigned desks, a podcasting/green screen room, and a training/meeting room are just some of the options available to you here. in order to satisfy the requirements and inclinations of entrepreneurs.

Administrative Solutions

BAQ PAQ, our on-site mail servicing partner, offers a wide range of high-quality administrative services to fulfill your business needs. Services include business and personal mailboxes, virtual office solutions, copy/print, and faxing.

Legal Solutions

Because of our strategic ties with industry professionals, we have the unique capacity to give vital support to entrepreneurs. Services include contract evaluation and creation, the development of standard operating procedures (SOPs), policies and procedures, and the establishment of a solid legal entity for your business.

Networking Opportunities

The BLAQUE Executive Suites is home to a full calendar of events, including networking get-togethers, workshops, and meetups. Each of these engagements has been thoughtfully organized to encourage and facilitate the growth of emerging entrepreneurs.

Training and Workshops

Our professional development sessions concentrate on a variety of business development essentials such as business structures, financial understanding, budgeting, accounting, and marketing techniques. In addition, we offer vital assistance in the development of successful business, marketing, and financial plans.

Events and Activities

We focus on hosting a range of community-building events, celebrations, and activities that are aimed at fostering collaboration, networking, and support for entrepreneurs. We seek to develop a healthy community of entrepreneurs who can harness their collective expertise and experiences for mutual growth and success.

Mentorship Programs

BLAQUE Executive Suites is pleased to provide a variety of great mentorship programs precisely created to match seasoned entrepreneurs and business owners with aspiring individuals starting on the fascinating journey of entrepreneurship.

Business Consulting Services

By leveraging our strategic alliance with AR Consulting, we have positioned ourselves to provide entrepreneurs with invaluable guidance in the realms of business strategy, marketing, finance, and various other pivotal areas. Designed to foster the optimal growth and development of their ventures.

Branding and Marketing

We possess the ability to assist entrepreneurs in enhancing their branding and marketing endeavors. By offering an array of tools and resources, along with an exclusive discount on the highly acclaimed Evolve Suite, a cutting-edge CRM and an all-in-one marketing platform.

Meet Our Founders

Aquana Raffington

A visionary that was born and raised in the birthplace of basketball Aquana has always steered clear of the ordinary, consistently choosing the road less traveled. Her journey has been nothing short of remarkable, evolving from entrepreneur to CEO, certified life coach to author and motivational speaker, and philanthropist to nonprofit founder. She has also worn the hats of a licensed insurance agent and mortgage loan originator, each role undertaken with a shared mission: “to be a true resource to her community”.

With over a decade of invaluable entrepreneurial experience, Aquana's commitment goes beyond business. She is dedicated to empowering individuals from all walks of life, with a particular focus on uplifting women. Drawing from her own triumph over significant personal hardships, Aquana has emerged as a beacon of resilience, healing, and success. Her journey stands as a testament to her unwavering perseverance, and today, she stands proudly as a thriving businesswoman.

Aquana's story is one of continuous growth and adaptability. From her roots in entrepreneurship to the present, she has demonstrated an innate ability to navigate diverse paths and overcome challenges. Her multifaceted approach to life and business showcases a commitment not only to her personal success but also to being a positive force for entrepreneurs.

Gregory Raffington

He was born and raised on the thriving island of Jamaica, and he has carved out an extraordinary route for himself, leaving an unmistakable impact in the fields of beauty and business. Greg, a man who has a lot of passion for what he does, started out on his new adventure in 2010, beaming with pleasure as he graduated from barber school.

He had the fortitude and relentless determination to take the plunge into the world of business, and as a result, he was able to fulfill his lifelong ambition of opening up his very own barber and beauty salon.

On Centerville Highway in Snellville, he laid the groundwork for his very first business, which marked the beginning of an astonishing new chapter in his life. It was there that the seeds of his desire took root and began to grow. Even though he was working hard to establish his own company during the day, he never wavered from his dedication to serving others by working as a devoted dietician at a local hospital in the evenings.

Greg has earned a superb reputation as a successful businessman. He was able to achieve huge growth in his business empire in only three years, which resulted in the productive establishment of an additional location in Snellville, where he provided opportunities for beauty professionals to grow and build their own establishments.

The transformative year of 2014 marked a significant turning point for the Raffington's. Just a year or so after getting married. Mrs. Raffington fearlessly utilized her $1,500.00 in savings to venture into her own journey of entrepreneurship as a business consultant. Using her broad range of expertise, she initially provided holistic business solutions, credit restoration services, and tax preparation to her clients.

Individually, Greg and Aquana embarked on endeavors that showcased their entrepreneurial spirits, solidifying their reputation as a dynamic entrepreneurial duo poised to make a significant impact across various industries. With a deep commitment to providing exceptional services to their target audiences, they symbolized not only personal growth but an unwavering dedication to the world of entrepreneurship.

Their entrepreneurial journey began with the ambitious mission of transforming "Unique Styles Barber and Beauty" into the all-encompassing "Unique Styles Grooming and Beauty Bar." Expanding their reach, they successfully offered consultancy services across the United States. Venturing into the culinary realm, they established an authentic Jamaican food truck, gaining attention for its renowned jerk chicken. Passionate about various industries, they delved into developing innovative tax preparation software, entered the trucking sector, and launched a luxurious liquidation store. The establishment of AR Consulting and ARC TAX further broadened their influence.

Driven by their for-profit achievements, the Raffingtons' showcased an unwavering commitment to the nonprofit sector. In 2019, they founded EASE International Corp, a non-profit dedicated to empowering women in overcoming adversities. Undeterred by their accomplishments, the Raffingtons' persisted in their pursuit of entrepreneurial excellence. Fueled by a passion for mentoring and coaching aspiring entrepreneurs, they found fulfillment in helping others step into the world of entrepreneurship.

United by a shared passion for supporting underserved individuals, they established the BLAQUE Executive Suites. This initiative stands as a testament to their unwavering dedication to empowering and fostering the development of entrepreneurs within the community.

The Raffingtons' journey serves as a beacon of resilience, innovation, and an unwavering dedication to making a positive impact in the lives of entrepreneurs.

Their story is a living testament to the incredible potential found within the combination of a clear vision, relentless dedication, and an unwavering pursuit of greatness as a couple.

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